The Fit Fatale Podcast: Spin, Skin and Other Addictions

#104: Elisa Marshall On How She Aligned Her Passions To Create maman

April 22, 2022

This week Samantha chats with the co-founder and creative director of maman Elisa Marshall. She oversees branding, communications and events, and works with maman’s chefs to develop and fine-tune maman’s recipes and menus. Elisa is also the co-author of Maman: The Cookbook: All Day Recipes to Warm Your Heart.

The two discuss why she opened maman and how she created a career that has aligned all her passions. The hard parts of owning a business, how she got to be on Oprah’s favourite things list, how saying yes to opportunities can lead to opening up now 17 locations and the launch of her new cookbook.


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